Estate Report
Mark Griffin, Estate Manager
The State of the Vines 
The steady rains we received this year were long awaited. But surprisingly, in the end, we received the same amount of total rainfall this year as in 2015. This difference was that it was delivered in a constant, even fashion that allowed the soils to become sufficiently saturated for prime spring growth. El Niño seemed to fizzle out by spring, but the wildflowers were abundant.
Garden Report
Bill Burr, Head Gardener

Summer is the season of abundance in our gardens. At this time, the vegetable garden is planted and filling out with budding flowers that soon will be vegetables. The perennial flowerbeds are awakening from their winter dormancy and are displaying their beautiful flowers. The orchard tree fruits are swelling towards becoming our juicy summer treats. 

Winemaker Report
Marco Gressi, The Napa Valley Reserve Winemaker
Blending the 2014 Vintage 
The Napa Valley Reserve 2014 Red Wine is most certainly going to be one of our best offerings to date. A number of factors and variables contributed to this remarkable vintage. Positive events for the year range from the much needed and well-timed rainfall in early spring to the warm summer without many days exceeding 100 degrees to a dry harvest period. This meant that the rainfall restored soil profiles and the lack of precipitation in the fall gave us the bandwidth and time to deliberately pick grapes at optimal phenolic ripeness without the threat of impending rain.