Celebrating a Sense of Place

After Harvest ends and the holidays wrap up, things start to slow down everywhere, including at The Reserve. This much-needed downtime is akin to hibernation out in the wild. This year, we were blessed with quite a few rainy days that gave us another reason to slow down and catch up—which, in our case involves planting cover crops, pruning vines, and repairing trellises. While the vines were being nourished, so were we.

Once spring arrived, we were bursting with new energy—as luck would have it, so were the vines. The first big event of the year at The Reserve is the Flowering of the Vines. It’s always a frolicking good time known for great music and dancing. This year was no different. What made it even better was being able to showcase the talent of a Member in our midst as Billy Dean performed. Even the afternoon’s threatening rains, which prompted the extra cover of a tent, didn’t diminish the spirit that night.
At The Napa Valley Reserve, impeccable wine, friendly camaraderie, and unending exploration are at the forefront of what we do. This is evident as we hosted the general manager of Chateau Cheval Blanc and Chateau d’Yquem one spring evening. Our annual trip, which was a safari in Africa (actually two safaris), is further evidence of our passion. Once again, the enthusiasm and generosity of a fellow Member, Manu Singh Founder and Chairman of Mullineux & Leeu Wines, added to our experience. It’s more evidence of how our many Members live far and wide yet constantly contribute to the spirit of The Reserve on site as well as abroad.
Now, summer is a time of getting away and exploring. But we’re all looking forward to reuniting in the fall for Harvest. Repeating the cycle once again. Until then!